Meeting Off The Gram: Blogger Edition

I’ve been on a mission to get out and do more. I get so stuck in my usual routine: work, kids, home. It’s turned me into such a hermit. Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be home but getting some fresh air, vitamin D and human interaction is another way to recharge when you’re starting to feel like you’re on E.

I was doing my usual scroll on Instagram when I came across a post: “8th Annual Charleston Food Truck Festival! Free admission!” Food trucks. Free admission. I’m sold. It’s no hidden fact that food trucks tend to have some of the best food and I’m always ready to eat. I knew I had to go to this event even if I went solo. Since I was already on IG I decided to repost the flyer to my story to see who else might be going. Another fellow blogger and friend in my head, Narcisa, hit me up saying she would be going. “Let’s finally meet up!” Done deal. Narcisa and I have talked often on social media for a few months but our schedules have yet to allow us to physically meet.

The day comes and my gawd the weather was not playing nice. I was hoping for a nice, sunny day and instead I was met with low temps and gloomy skies. I wasn’t going to let that stop the show though. Food and interaction is just what I needed to recharge my battery. Meeting up with Narcisa was amazing. From the moment we met our energy fed off of one another. So much to the point that a vendor we met thought we were friends for a good while. Nope, we had just finally met. After discovering that we both had Hispanic roots in our blood we knew that it was only right for us to find a food truck with some good Hispanic food. Let. Me. Tell. You. Chazito’s Latin Cuisine hit the spot. I ordered the P.R. Plate which consisted of rice, plantains and pork. That food was HITTIN’! And they didn’t skimp on the portion either. They made sure to leave my belly FULL!! Had me missing my Abuela’s cooking. We found a cute boutique on wheels that caught our eye. Popped in for a visit and found so many gems. The owner was such a cool auntie type. The way she interacted with her customers gave off nothing but positive energy. She kept us laughing the whole time. She’s also locally based right in West Ashley. I’ve been searching for a pair of cowgirl boots for the longest. The one paid I feel in love with ended sold out as soon as I added it to my cart. Wardrobe on Wheelz had such a cute pair and for the low. I couldn’t leave without them. (Stay tuned to see how I style them.) After walking around, checking out all the other food trucks, we decided to hit up the Holy Rolly for a sweet treat before we went our separate ways. Now if you know me, you know I love me a good drank!! Mix ice cream with some alcohol and you have me sold. I had to check out the sinful version of Holy Rolly’s Rag Doll (fresh strawberry shortcake, chopped into frozen rolled cream and topped with vanilla/strawberry syrup infused with their signature vodka and amaretto sin sauce.) It was AH-MAAZZZZIIINNNGGGG!!! The mix of alcohol and ice cream was the perfect balance. Not over powering at all. And when they say they use fresh ingredients, they use FRESH ingredients.

All in all, I’m beyond happy that I got my lazy butt up and out of the house. The food truck festival was just what I needed. I wish I could’ve tried more food but my belly could only hold but so much. I’ll be back for the next one for sure. So happy I was able to finally meet Narcisa. Such a great, energetic spirit. It doesn’t happen too often where I meet someone and instantly click. But with her that’s exactly what happened. Sometimes you just need to get up, get out and do sumthin…to recharge your batteries.