Flat Lay? What's that about?

I’m late to the party but flat lay pics are my jam. I’m no photographer so I still have issues with creating the “perfect” picture. Here are a few tips I’ve learned through trial and error.

I LOVE the counter top in my bathroom so I tend to use it often for taking pics. The only problem there is the lighting. Really bright, white lights BUT the light bounces off of the countertop and leaves this horrid reflection. How do you fix the lighting issue? Well, using natural lighting would be a great answer. BUT, if you’re anything like me, you aren’t always home during the hours that natural lighting would be available. Here’s what I do.

  1. Take several pics.

    • I like to have an abundance of pics. Sometimes there’s a subtle difference from one pic to another. So having options works for me.

  2. Play around with the lighting.

    • If you have several light switch options, try taking pics with the lights off, one on and then all of the lights on. Don’t worry about the light bounce back from your countertop for now.

  3. Edit away.

    • Now that you’ve taken your pics, make use of your editing apps.

  4. Use Snapseed to get rid of those pesky light reflections.

    • The healing tool in Snapseed is by far one of my faves. It lets you erase all sorts of errors. I’ve gotten rid of photobombs in pics, out of place objects, etc.

    • Use the healing tool to erase the light reflections.

      • Because sometimes I suck at explaining myself, I’ve added a video to show you what I mean.

  5. If you want to add something extra then head to VSCO. They have a plethora of filters. Wayyyyyy better than the ones available on Instagram.

    • Sorry IG. Love you but I don’t love your filters.

  6. Post away!

Hope my tips helped some. And don’t mind me as I continue to post my flat lay pics over on my Instagram page. I’ll try not to go overboard but I can’t make any promises. Sorry, not sorry. What are some of your flat lay tips? Sharing is caring.