Denim From Head to Toe

In my opinion, denim is a classic look. You can dress it up and down. When you find the perfect fit of jeans it’s like you can conquer any and everything. On days that I really don’t feel like pulling together “a look,” i resort to the Canadian Tuxedo.

I’m sure you’ve heard of this term before. The Canadian Tuxedo is a complete denim on denim look. Usually consisting of jeans and a denim jacket. It’s such an effortless look but you still look put together. One thing I like about this look is that your denim doesn’t always have to be the same shade. Sometimes contrast works really well and can give an extra pop of color/texture to your outfit.


I’m all about comfort these days. Give me some flats over heels any day. But I do love that if I wanted to take it up a notch, I could pair this same look with a nice heel. Accessories and shoes can really take an outfit up a notch. I like to keep it simple as you can tell. Just give me my chucks, H&M high waist jeans and denim jacket and I’m good to go. I swear by H&M’s high waist jeans. They’re such a great price and quality. Now that I’m a little thicker in the thighs, the added stretch in these jeans is perfect.

** Photo Tip: Prop your phone up somewhere and use the self-timer option. If you have an Apple Watch, open the camera app from your watch and use that to gauge if you are in the frame or not.